Prepared Meals



Everything that we prepare in our kitchen, from the soups and starters to the entrees and sides are made with the highest quality ingredients from our marketplace to provide you with the finest dining at home experience. Our team prepares that evening’s dinner each morning for our customers with the same care as they would for their own family.
All of our dishes start with you in mind, whether they are long-time customer favorites like our Grilled Salmon with Sweet Chili or our fantastic crab cakes or our newer dishes that are fast becoming customer favorites like our parmesan crusted chicken cutlet with lemon white wine sauce, Ricotta Stuffed Kobe Meatball and many more.
We take no shortcuts in our cooking. That’s especially true when it comes to stocks and sauces, which is the baseline for so much of what we do. There’s a proper way to make them, and the results can’t be rushed. All pepper is ground fresh, all herbs and eggs are farm-fresh and every ingredient is meticulously chosen to provide you with mouth-watering meals. B&M is always on the lookout for new exciting dishes  and innovations to traditional kitchen classics.Our staff looks forward to discussing tonight’s dinner selections with you.  We will do our best to accommodate special requests for your favorite items with 3 days notice.